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Remember "close" is not just a matter of proximity, but lane distance. A RE on one side of the road an RDP right across the street are technically "next to each other" in term of proximity, but it could very well mean a truck from your RE having to do an entire loop around your zone in order to get to your RDP. If you hae question, let me know. Or if someone want to use this text as a basic for a more formal guide, go ahead. Last edited by Raven ; 28 Oct, pm.

Showing 1 - 15 of 56 comments. Aqua View Profile View Posts. Raven Thank you! I was already suspious about the importance of the storage buildings but you proved it.

Permit & Application Contacts

What's a good ratio of the buildings? Originally posted by Raven :. You should turn this into a guide, this will surely help many player! Time to cut and paste this to wordpad Great guide. Thanks a lot! I suspected I was doing something wrong, but could not figure out what. This guide clears it up. Okay, I know what to do now in my oil and ore industries areas, but there's still one point which is making me going crazy.

All my industrial areas stand in different points of the map, so of the unique factories are place in another zone. Detail View Profile View Posts. Thanks, my biggest issue right now is not supplying my commerce. I added more cargo terminals, but the trucks for the most part just exit the city, going elsewhere. I'm actually starting to make some money now on the new industry, I just don't have a solution for this, I can't seem to get the trucks to supply the commerce outlets.

I also put 4 small warehouses in the old indiustry area, one for each industry product, they are all set to balance and seem to help. Originally posted by Aqua :. Originally posted by kristofburger :. Originally posted by Dead Can Dance :. Finally end at the WH area. The WH either gonna export the stuffs, or feed it into other factories "without looping back in into zone".

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When high shares of the population make their living from agriculture, the productivity of that sector tends to be low. By contrast, during economic development, the most dynamic sectors of the economy tend to cluster in urban centers—or even give rise to them.

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In China, for instance, the economic liberalization that began in promoted the development of enterprises in rural villages, which led to an economic boom in rural areas. The growth of rural enterprises spurred the development of new towns and cities by making villages become increasingly urban.

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As a consequence, the number of cities in China grew from in to in , with the majority of new cities being small or medium-sized. The emergence of so many new cities—many located near the rural areas from which they derived their dynamism—helped reduce the impact of rural-to-urban migration on the large cities of China. The movement of people from rural to urban areas is only one of the ways in which urban populations grow. Additions to the urban population also happen because births exceed deaths in urban areas, or because new cities emerge or existing cities expand, often encompassing former rural settlements. In some of the least developed countries, urban populations increase mainly because urban couples have many children who survive to be adults. Similarly, in much of Africa, high fertility is fueling rapid urban population growth, implying that increasing urbanization in the region is often not indicative of economic dynamism.