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The L-band spectrum allocated for MSS is between 1.

Satellite Communication - Defintion, Principle, Polar Circular orbit

Constellations of low earth orbiting LEO satellites are used by Iridium 66 satellites and Globalstar 48 satellites. Inmarsat and Thuraya currently use 4 i4 and 2 geostationary satellites respectively, their L-band services are similar but not interoperable and most terminals can only use one or the other service, although some data terminals provide a mechanical switch required due to the different polarization schemes used by both systems.

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China has shown an upcoming S-band satellite phone which will use its recently launched Tiantong-1 geostationary satellite. As of mid Iridium has experienced in-orbit failures which cannot be corrected with in-orbit spare satellites, thus only 64 of the 66 satellites required for seamless global coverage are in operation. As a result, service interruptions can be observed, especially around the equatorial region where the satellite footprints are most spread out and there is least overlap.

Additionally to the four active Inmarsat 4 'I4' satellites, Inmarsat also maintains some legacy L-band services on its previous generation satellites, although they are being gradually phased out and users are invited to upgrade to i4-based services, mostly based on variations of BGAN. Inmarsat also owns and operates a new fleet of three Ka-band satellites, known as the Inmarsat 5 constellation usually abbreviated to 'I5' , providing high speed mobile satellite data services known as Global Express.

Several governments also operate and use MSS systems, although most make extensive use of the Iridium and Inmarsat systems. Mexico is currently developing an S-band system based on its own geostationary satellites and the United States uses MUOS and other systems. The US Government also runs its own gateway in Hawaii for direct access to the Iridium constellation under a contract lasting at least until Interoperability: Telephone calls to satellite terminals are often accomplished by dialing numbers assigned to the Global Mobile Satellite System , although most Globalstar users and some Iridium users are assigned country-based numbers.

Thus, calls can be made to satellite phones from normal land-line and cellular terminals.

Satellite services

However, pricing for terrestrial-satellite is often higher than pricing for satellite-terrestrial and satellite-satellite calls. Satellite-based Internet access is also fully interoperable with traditional land-based and mobile Internet and can access the same services, although cost is usually much higher and satellite link latency can affect some interactive services.


Our network of equipment and service providers enables us to provide a custom solution anywhere, at a competitive price and with reliable delivery, installation and setup. Telecom, LLC is selective in its partners, partnering with those firms that have the same commitment to quality service, reliability and value in providing the communication solution that meets the needs of our clients, on a global basis.

Satellite Communications

Skip to content. Providing voice, fax, video and high-speed Data. A network of physical devices able to connect and exchange and transfer data connected to and over the internet. A network of physical devices able to connect and exchange and transfer data connected to and over the internet in manufacturing and Industrial processes. A network of direct communications between devices though either a physical or wireless communications channel. Devices are able to connect and exchange and transfer data. A combination telemetry and data acquisition system. The system is composed of collecting information, transferring it back to a central control site or main station computer, conducting the necessary analysis, and control, and then displaying the data on an operator screen.

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