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Development of a deep-sea hydrogen sulfide ion sensor and its application for submarine hydrothermal plume exploration.

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Dilute nitric or nitrous acid solution containing halide ions as effective media for pure gold dissolution. Effects of acidic functional groups on dielectric properties of sodium alginates and carrageenans in water. Can pure gold be dissolved in seawater mixed with aqueous nitric acid? Conductometric and UV-visible spectroscopic studies on the strong association between polysulfonic or dicarboxylic acids and their conjugate anions in acetonitrile.

Development of a channel multi-water-sampling system for underwater platforms and its application to chemical and biological monitoring.

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Novel blooms of the diatom Asteroplanus karianus deplete nutrients from Ariake Sea coastal waters. Potentiometric open-cell titration for seawater alkalinity considering temperature dependence of titrant density and Nernst response of pH electrode. An integrated microfluidic system for manganese anomaly detection based on chemiluminescence: Description and practical use to discover hydrothermal plumes near the Okinawa trough. Characteristics of microbial communities in crustal fluids in a deep-sea hydrothermal field of the Suiyo Seamount. Coordination ability of alkali metal or alkaline earth metal ions with aromatic dicarboxylate, sulfonate, or disulfonate ions in acetonitrile.

Fast measurement of dissolved inorganic carbon concentration for small-volume interstitial water by acid extraction and nondispersive infrared gas analysis. Shallow submarine hydrothermal activity with significant contribution of magmatic water producing talc chimneys in the Wakamiko Crater of Kagoshima Bay, southern Kyushu, Japan.

Disturbance of deep-sea environments induced by the M9.

Kawagucci S, Yoshida Y. T, Noguchi T, Honda M. Dynamic process of turbidity generation triggered by the Tohoku-Oki earthquake. Microfluidic devices for ocean science and expoloration. Determination of sulfide with acidic permanganate chemiluminescence for development of deep-sea in-situ analyzers.

Microfluidic device with integrated flow control elements for chemiluminescence-based mn detection in deep-sea environments. Historical record of heavy metal pollution deduced by lead isotope ratios in core sediments from the Osaka Bay, Japan. Lithium and strontium isotopic systematics of waters around Ontake volcano, Japan: Implications for deep-seated fluids and earthquake swarms.

Observation by UV-visible and NMR spectroscopy and theoretical confirmation of 4-isopropyltropolonate ion, 4-isopropyltropolone Hinokitiol , and protonated 4-isopropyltropolone in acetonitrile. Open-cell titration of seawater for alkalinity measurements by colorimetry using bromophenol blue combined with a non-linear least-squares method. Development and evaluation of microfluidic device for Mn ion quantification in ocean environments.

Periodic Behavior of Abyssal Flow in Okinawa Trough Hydrothermal Fields - OnePetro

Occurrence of heavy metals in the sediments of Uranouchi Inlet, Kochi prefecture, Japan. In-situ survey of nanomolar manganese in seawater using an autonomous underwater vehicle around a volcanic crater at Teishi Knoll, Sagami Bay, Japan. Dive into Myojin-sho underwater caldera.

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